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Maya Mixology

"You are a Mixology of powerful spirits,

an energetic cocktail of creation."

-The EpicLife Enchiridion


What is EpicLife? 


EpicLife is an experience about Life, In which we begin to make spiritual sense of our own physical journeys. Here we improve the balance and personal power in our lives. EpicLife offers what the modern day calls  'life coaching' of the Ancients for every Day, not through a third party but through your own intuition. EpicLife is based on the spirit and science of the ancient Maya.  


The Toolkit of EpicLife is a smartphone App, a set of Journey Cards with guidebook, and if you like easy playful fun, some coloring pages of the original artwork.   


Here's the way to play: 


Download the EpicLife App to Explore the energies of each Day from now until forever. (App Store or Google Play).  find your own energetic blueprint of destiny and creation. 













With the Cards and Enchiridion guidebook, explore sacred play with daily self-guided intuitive readings and watch your own epic stories to begin to line up as you  Start counting your own Days. 














This is a journey for mystics and healers.  The calendar of the ancient Maya follows the principles of wholeness and unity with the universal energies of balance, personal truth, and the Higher Love every single day, which allows for one day at a time meditation, reflection, and for increasing awareness to the joys, challenges and vitality of LIFE.






Tips for Daily Reading: Mayan Cross Inquiry 

The EpicLife journey is not for quick fixes or entertainment. To live an EpicLife is not to pursue fortune-telling, but to engage Destiny. 


This is meant for you if you are looking for a spiritual experience of a modern life, and would like to add some sacred play in this modern Day. 



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Maya Mixology


EpicLife is a personal journey to an individual's silent sovereignty and to the language of the Heart.  It is a journey of engaging everyday life according to the ancient 'Daykeeping' art which follows the guiding principles of the Sacred Tzolk'in Calendar on an intimate treasure hunt of physical and spiritual principles.  It is applicable and available to every human alive today, as a daily guide of personal evolution and creation.


If you want to quietly learn to hear the voices of your soul, God as you experience God, and your own ancestors by being quiet and giving inner peace a chance, the EpicLife App is available




It is suggested to explore a creation cycle with the App by reading the energies daily for 20 days while beginning to watch for them in your life and physical world. Then, to engage an intuitive experience away from the phone, the cards and Guidebook can provide daily insight as in the video above "Tips for Daily Reading". 


In the App, most places you see the Mixology Maestro, pressing on the icon will bring up information or tutorial. The best way to use the app is with a mind and heart open to recognizing the ways in which your life is a reflection of each of the daily energies, or Day Lords, and that each is a part of your own human consciousness and evolution, guiding you to your highest potential decision in each situation, every Day. 



The Maya scribed the principles of evolution and creation into a hieroglyphic language. Their glyphs were ancient symbolic art encoding their sophisticated astronomical and mathematical observations of the natural creative cycles and rhythms of life. Maya Mixology is a modern art translation of this calendar, a 'meta-language' which simplifies access to the mysteries of consciousness and creation. 




Who Are You, Underneath it all?

Find out by Unlocking the mysteries of the ancient Maya within yourself. Are you the Crocodile? The Serpent? The Storm?

About Mari

Mari Rose Hale is a student of the Mayan (Meso-American) Evolutionary Calendar (Tzolk'in). she created the EpicLife App, a powerful self-exploration tool based on and derived from ancient Mayan teachings To share access to this incredible ancient spiritual technology, 


"My journey to Guatemala and Mexico to study the messages and teachings written in the stars and scribed by the ancients changed my life. It awakened ancient memories and modern connections. Learning to keep 'The Days' creates a human connection to the forces of creation and consciousness, as well as a profound system for insight into personal healing, transformation, and intuitive guidance. 


The "Book of Days" is a spiritual treasure hunt that is complementary to other spiritual traditions, and those who hunt for the treasures within by both seeking actively and listening in earnest will find the Days speaking specific messages.


The value of the Tzolk'in not just as an ancient esoteric oracle, but as the ancestral equivalent of the wisdom of "One day at a time". Perhaps, as the original blueprint of the universe for those seeking unity within ourselves. And with our 'others'.


In a former life, Mari received an M.B.A. in Finance/Accounting at Regis University, her B.S. in Business Management at the University of Utah, worked as a corporate controller and for fun, as a columnist for Glenwood Springs Post Independent.


Ms. Hale created the EpicLife artwork and app hoping to inspire others to discover and embody their heroic modern spirits. And, their ancient ones. 



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