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With the EpicLife Journey Cards, you will go deeper into your experience of the EpicLife App to discover your own version of Sacred Play in the Modern Day.


These powerful oracle cards made from the original EpicLife iconic artwork offer multiple experiences of the evolutionary Mayan Book of Days. Sacred Players are offered experiences from basic comprehension of the Sacred Mayan Calendar to the magic and spiritual discovery that is created when humans actually apply the wisdom of the ages through sacred play.


Sacred Play with EpicLife is the intent to discover, to learn, to divine and to share. The Deck is a seventy-four 4X6 card deck with a guidebook, The EpicLife Enchiridion by Mari Rose Hale. Recommended for R/Evolutionary souls ages 18 and up. Especially, for anyone who has ever asked the critical existential questions, Who Am I? And WTF am I doing here?


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The EpicLife Cards & Enchiridion